In 2003 TalkRadio102.3 WGOW-FM aired a Saturday night local talk show called JuicedRadio. JuicedRadio consisted of David McJunkin (Dylan), Joe Varner (Cowboy) and Rick Howard (The Driver). The show lasted a full 13 weeks and featured spoof commercials, interviews with local celebrities, Chattanooga’s only openly gay weather forecaster named ‘Twan the Snow Penguin’ and an alcoholic late-night traffic reporter called Captain Allen. JuicedRadio strived to become a Chattanooga radio staple. We failed. But… along with a myriad of guest voices, JuicedRadio did accomplish some creative milestones in Chattanooga radio, and we are all proud to have had the experience. This website is loaded with audio that we used for the show and hope you enjoy it…. if your into that sort of thing.